Macro Tech Titan – DevOps, Ad Agency, Publisher, Reseller, Tech Support, Project Management, Technical Consulting, etc.


Macro Tech Titan (MTT) provides at cost technology services to support your projects, and our own. That means whether you need a website done or internet marketing, or you are building an app, you’re going to get maximum value. MTT designs, builds, and/or operates complex computer technology systems, and provides I.T. services and support with a focus on finance/markets. Engineering Complex Systems with Advanced Next Generation Battle Ready Technologies. MTT is a virtual corporation registered in Delaware, with remote offices globally (USA, Poland, UK, India, New Zealand, Germany, and Brazil).

Our main clients are Venture Capital Cross and COVA Capital Partners, and we manage multiple projects (see below for more details).

Phone: (415) 523-4553 Email: [email protected]

Systems Development and Operations “DevOps”

DevOps – Development and/or operations of your killer app, website, software system, business idea, technology, project, or integration.

Internet Marketing Ad Agency – MTT can manage your internet marketing campaign specific to your needs, or we can craft a custom campaign after an initial consultation. We have done campaigns for a wide range of industries, ranging from your local stores to national brands, Crowdfunding campaigns, ecommerce, securities law firms, FinTech platforms, Broker-Dealers, Banks, Private Equity funds, software companies, project marketing, brand exposure campaigns, publicly traded company advertising, lead generation, affiliate marketing, etc. We can run your campaign of any size, typically for 10% of the spend (depending on the circumstances).

For Lead Gen - We can generate leads for your business, in a leads as a service campaign. Purchase leads or generate organically.

AI Match Lead Gen - We setup appointments with potential customers based on an AI matching engine - this is a free trial service, we bring you customers and if it's not a fit, there's no charge ever for this service. Learn More.

Real Estate - Promote your real estate listings, and other tools for agents, investors, and FSBO. Free DIY Agent tools @ for Residential & CRE.

Capital Markets / IR Marketing - If you are an IR firm or publicly traded company, we can make the stock move based on strategic IR campaigns, article writing in the financial press, and generating a buzz in the financial forums. Contact us for a detailed proposal or examples of how this worked in the past.

Forms Filing - Do you need to get a CIK number from the SEC, file Form D, Form 4, or other forms? The SEC's website is not easy to navigate, we can file it for you for a one time fee per filing, starting at $200 per filing. *This is not a legal service, it's a filing service because there is technology involved, we cannot draft documents or provide legal or financial advice.

Website Design – From WordPress to Python Django sites, we can build a website and prepare it for traffic and growth. From the ground up, websites should be designed as lead generators, with SEO built into the system such that as your share your URL and brand image you're building value. More complex sites can have database application or the ever popular "CRM" Customer Relationship Management.

Office I.T. setup – For setting up an office with computers, networks, firewalls, telephone systems, file servers, and other systems.

Integration – MTT has setup complex websites with 20+ APIs, ranging from news feeds to financial APIs. Integration of platforms, software systems, and connecting other applications can be tedious at best. We have also integrated office networks for Enterprise clients.

Cybersecurity – White Hat Cybersecurity experts can perform a full evaluation of your business, or setup protection systems from the beginning.

Consulting – We are tech experts and here to consult with your needs to help your growth and success! We can work with your internal or existing Dev team to suit your needs and then let you DIY. Our experience can be a resource for you.

Media Publishing – Publishing your digital or physical book or other content can be challenging, we can act as the publisher and help navigate the independent publishing world.

Blockchain – We can design and build a custom Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, or related technology from scratch, as well as manage the project to launch and beyond.

Systems Design (Architecture) – Ground up engineering of your software or complex computer system to run your business, using the most cutting edge computing technologies.

Project Management – We can manage your project from start to finish, or take over a project that is gathering dust.

Graphics - We can create your next book cover, featured images for your blog, your logo, product box images, and more!

Strategy Programming - Do you have a trading methodology you want programmed? We can code it in MQL language, Tradestation Easy Language, or Python / C++

Ghost Writing and Media Placement - Authors at MTT can write an article about your brand, product, service, or other topic and place it in media. This service is priced in a 2 tier method, flat hourly rate ($25 - $75/hr depending on the complexity of the topic) for writing plus media placement (can vary widely depending on the media chosen). Inquire within for references, past work, and case studies. We have a top-up service to promote the articles on social media once they are live.

Any Other services - Featured Image Creation, Ghost writing, online branding campaign creation, programmer for hire, market research, report generation, tech support.

Our Team




PHP, Python Platform Programming

Joseph Gelet Sr.

Systems Architect, Project Design, Building paradigm shift technology systems


Jake Vale

Facebook, Twitter, Gab Reg CF marketing campaigns, SEM Specialist

Chief of Internet Marketing


Programmer that developed Blockpad software

Chief Developer Blockpad


I.T. Systems Administration

Global Tech Support


Python, API Developer

Chief Programmer LOI



MTT acquired LLC in June of 2023. is a global Digital Productions and Marketing Agency. LLC develops and operates disruptive FinTech including Information Systems & Technology, Software for Markets, Trading Algorithms, and Big Data Analytics. On Wall St. there is one block that's Credible, called the Crediblock. provides I.T. services to clients including DevOps, ERP, Systems Design, Big Data Analytics, as well as being a Value Added Reseller (VAR). Services ranging from full stack development, startup technology consulting, internet marketing agency outsourcing, SEO/SEM/SMM for your brand, RegCF Ad spend management, Lead Generation for financial services firms, Real Estate firms, and small businesses.  Website design, including graphics for marketing campaigns, featured images, logos, product logo, and campaign design.  Systems architecture for your software project, development project, or financial architecture.

VectorInformatics_Logo_sm Vector Informatics Inc. was founded in 2009 in Daphne, AL with the purpose of developing marketing technology such as automation, AI, and management of large scale campaigns



FXBOT.MARKET is a marketplace where traders can buy and sell FX algorithms, and trade them using our proprietary 1ms Copy Bot.


Secure Chat

Secure Chat Blockchain secure broker compliant chat application, for financial services professionals, real estate agents, healthcare workers, and government agents.


Blockchain based notepad including One Time Pad and other security tools.